PEC is a strong community of Podcast Editors… and now it’s a CONFERENCE!

This is THE conference for audio editors who want to grow their post-production business past themselves.

Spend one day learning from those who have made audio editing their career – so you can too.

Is this Conference for you?

#PEC2020 is for the person who wants to grow their audio post-production business into their full-time career. It’s also for the person who is getting assistance by contracting out some of the work, but they need it to eclipse a certain gross revenue in order to reach the next plateau.

If you are serious about audio post-production becoming what you are known for, the #PEC2020 will give you the tools to round-out the rough edges and prepare you to take the leap.

We realize this sounds sensational, but where else can you learn from some of the best in the industry who have done it already?

The business of podcast post-production includes:


  • Branding your business
  • Marketing yourself or your business
  • Instituting processes and systems in your business
  • How to find the right clients – and fire the wrong ones
  • Offering the right kinds of services (other than just editing)
  • Pricing your services properly so you earn more than $30 an hour
  • Offering customer service that makes your clients brag about you
  • When you should hire help

#PEC2020 is the place to learn all of the above in one jam-packed day of sessions with peers who have already mastered it. You will gain valuable insights and learn how to improve the profitability of your audio production business.

Who the conference is NOT for:

This conference is not for someone who doesn’t want to build a book of business. There are many people who enjoy editing, but don’t want to deal with clients or market themselves. They just want to edit – and there’s room for that in this industry. #PEC2020 is not for them.

#PEC2020 is also not for the person who has an established audio post-production business with employees. While these people might have something to gain from attending #PEC2020, I believe the ROI for them to leave work and fly to Orlando for a day would be minimal.


Get your ticket and join us at the Podcast Editors Conference!

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