Here are the sessions you can expect on March 6th.

Branding & Marketing

How to make your personal and online presence look like a cohesive unit and reach potential clients

Emily Prokop and Carrie Caulfield Arick

Pricing & Hiring the Right Clients

Make a decent wage, raise your rates, and hire good clients (and fire the bad ones)

Britany Felix

Lunch Break

Plenty of options inside the venue

Processes & Systems

Work smarter, not harder with systems, processes, and some automation

Jeni Wren Stottrup

Client Communications & Customer Service

How to talk to people and provide excellent customer service. WOW your clients so they can’t help but brag about you

Audrey Bell-Kearney

Ethics of Editing & Disfluencies

What needs to get cut, what should stay, and the ethics behind everything we do as podcast editors

Craig Wealand